End of Season

I’m hoping many of you had fun this past Friday. I’m here now to share with all of you our end of season plans for this year. I’ll keep this brief.

June 19th will be our last day of practice this season. We will continue our regularly scheduled practices until that date. However our June 19th practice will be something special; we will be running a Blue & White (Intra-Team) Meet.

06.19.14 Blue & White (Intra-Team) Meet
This will be the last day of practice. We invite parents to come and watch if they’d like as we will be pitting the athletes against each other in an all out struggle where only one can win. (That’s usually me, just because).

All athletes must be on deck ready to swim at 5:30 PM. The meet itself will start at 6:00 PM, and I imagine we will be done before 7:00 PM. Expect a line up next week.

But that’s it really. Just 6 more practices until we all get to enjoy a nice summer break. I’ll see the Pre-Seniors & Seniors tonight, and the entire team tomorrow.

02.23.14 JCC Championships Results & 03.02.14 CT Regional Championships SCY 2014 Results

Oh my have I sat on these two results. At the end of our last season (think February/March) we had two championship meets. For most of our team that was JCC Championships, and for a few it was Regionals.

As always I’m proud of how well or team did/does.We always put out a strong showing, with many of our athletes placing in the top 10 of their events. For a small team, that always good.

I happen to love these types of meets because almost always an athlete is able to swim with similarly skilled competitors which pushes them to achieve personal bests and swim exciting races. I also love them cause usually I get to just sit back and watch.

Anyhoo, here they are…

02.23.14 JCC Championships Results
03.02.14 CT Regional Championships SCY 2014 Results

06.06.14 Meet vs. Bridgeport/Stratford YMCA

Our first dual meet of the season is approaching. On Friday, June 6th, we will be facing the Bridgeport/Stratford YMCA in a fun and casual swim meet.

The BSY will be hosting the meet (Directions Here), and it will be an abridged dual meet, we both like to keep things moving. Athletes are expected on deck by 5:30 PM. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO SEATING! You will need to bring your own seats!

A final copy of the line up is available here. I’m pretty sure I’m not missing any athlete committed to swimming.

Lastly we are will be assigning timers as well, that list will be sent out to the timers. If you are unable to time you will need to find a replacement, feel free to contact me for help with that.

Anyway, I wish you all the best, and we return to a regular practice schedule starting this Monday.


Last week we had pushed out an email informing all of you the plight of our pool; the gradual decay, and eventual failure, of the PoolPak. The JCC has chosen, as informed in the same email, to host a fundraiser of 36x100s to help raise money for the PoolPak, but now we’re looking to add something just a lil bit more interesting to the mix.

On May 18th we will be hosting a SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME FUNTIME SWIM PRACTICE (a.k.a. insanity). In the same vain of my 8 Crazy Nights, older swimmers should be familiar of the insanity involved, we are looking to condense 8 workouts of dread into one.

To sign up for this “practice”, there is a registration fee of $36. Once registered we look for participants to find sponsors for their swim, at least 10 sponsors each committing $36. Contact me for registration details.

This challenge will not go without rewards. Other than a high five or a pat on the back, there will be certain prizes for achievements.

  • Just For Registering
    • The first 10 athletes registered will get a pledge of $36 from Pat Sundermann, helping them reach their goal of raising $360.
  • For Coming And Trying
    • Participation in any of the challenges this Sunday (not just the SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME FUNTIME SWIM PRACTICE) enters athletes to win 2 tickets to the suite of any Yankees game this season!
    • A high five or a pat on the back, YOUR CHOICE!
  • For The 3 That Raise The Most Over $360
    • A nice brunch with the coaching staff in June
We will be hosting one session, maybe two depending on interest. Our “practice” will go from 10:00 AM - Noon.  I look for any and all who are interested to please email me back ASAP and we will get more details out as we get closer.

05.31.14 CAC Age Group Qualifier

At the end of this month we plan on partaking in our first USA Swimming meet of the season. The meet will take place on May 31st, and will be hosted by the Connecticut Aquatic Club at Wesleyan University (Direction Here).

We will only be there for one day, and the different age groups will compete at different times.

  • 11&12 year old athletes will need to be there from 7:00 AM - 10:30 AM.
  • 10&U athletes from 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM.
  • 13&O athletes from 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM.

The line up can be found here.